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Bridget & Richard | FALL in love at Mitchell Glen | Green Lake, WI

Summers in Wisconsin are beautiful but I always fall in love every time autumn comes around! Sometimes (towards the end of 6 months of winter….) I think of moving somewhere warmer but then I would miss out on all the stunning fall colors. Even with unpredictable weather, Chee La and I just love taking photos this time of the year!

You can take a beautiful photo just about anywhere but we are always excited when our couples choose the location they want. Almost all the time, it’s because that spot holds a special meaning to them and this was no exception! When Chee La and I first moved to Berlin, we had heard about a unique forested valley called Mitchell Glen. Unfortunately, it is privately owned and offers very few personal tours a year. Surprisingly, Richard knew the owners and was given special permission to go there.

Bridget and Richard are so adorable and sweet together. They both love the outdoors so it only made sense when Bridget told us that Mitchell Glen was actually where Richard proposed! We love how relaxed and comfortable they were in front of the camera. We are so happy to share these beautiful photos of them and look forward to their wedding next year!


Mai See

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