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Chong & Matt | Bluffing in Love | Madison, WI

This was our last fall session of the year and it was everything I wanted it to be! When Chong brought up the idea for a couple’s session at these locations, I happily agreed! I knew that they were going to be the perfect spots to capture the last of the fall colors. I really wanted to design a floral bouquet that would accent her dress so, I picked up flowers the day of and set off to build it while Xia worked her magic on Chong’s hair and makeup. Chee La cut off a few branches from a tree in the front of Chong’s house to add to the bouquet and it was the perfect touch.

We hiked to the spot and it was so beautiful! We lucked out with the brisk weather. Due to the early snowfall the week before there weren’t as many people out on the trails. We had just missed the peak fall colors by a week but the river bluff was still so gorgeous and colorful. With the sun setting, we set off to our second location. It was a very rustic and surreal. The landscape seemed more like a European countryside than rural Wisconsin. Chong and Matt were great sports and didn’t let the cold wind bother them at all as they danced upon the hill. They say they aren’t the type to show PDA but you can clearly see just how much in love they are.

This entire session made me so happy! It’s not too often that we get to combine our love of hiking with our love of photography and we would gladly do it anytime! So couples, if you’re up for a hike — we are too! Let’s make magic happen.


Mai See

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