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Creative | Xia | Spooky Halloween | Berlin, WI

I always enjoy my creative sessions because it gives me a chance to do sometime that I wouldn't normally do. Today, I share with you a scary Halloween session! Be warned, it does get pretty bloody towards the end. It's fake blood though so don't worry, no one got hurt during the shoot. It's always such a pleasure to work with Xia because she's full of ideas and is not afraid to get dirty. She was absolutely amazing and pulled off each of her characters so well! We were all laughing through every second of it behind the scenes.

It was a busy weekend with back to back shoots. This session was early in the morning so we worked through the challenges of the sun and chilly weather. Xia woke up super early so that she could do her own hair and makeup. Look at the heart on her forehead. It was hand-drawn and perfect! Thank you so much Xia. You're incredible! She's so wonderful and kept the mood fun even though she was freezing. 

My editing style is light and airy but I felt that this shoot needed to be darker and moody. In the end, the darker photos fit perfectly and I loved all the photos that we took. I hope you guys will enjoy it as well and Happy Halloween! Have a spooky day. 


Mai See

So pretty! So evil!

You have been warned. IT'S ABOUT TO GET BLOODY....

Don't let her find you in a cornfield....

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