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Hello everyone! I apologize for getting this post up a bit later than expected. That flu that's going around....yep, Chee La and I finally caught it. We both still feel like poop but are recovering slowly at home.

Anyhow, last year, I did the 365 project and that was so much fun but this year I wanted to challenge myself to be more creative. This was my first shoot of the year and I was so excited for it! With my new project, I am planning for at least one creative shoot a month. If you're a model and have a creative shoot in mind, contact me at by email to set up a tfp shoot!

January is Red Riding Hood with Selina. I woke up one morning with the vision of a rich red color against white snow and I instantly knew that I wanted to do my own version of Red Riding Hood. I usually find myself hibernating during winter time because it's so cold but thankfully Selina was up for it. 

The weather was actually incredible for winter but we had a few challenges because the bottom of the dress kept freezing on the snow. Selina was such a great sport about everything and a fantastic model to work with. She kept her composure the entire time. Xia did a flawless job on the makeup and as always, Chee La was an awesome assistant. 

Model: Selina Leitner

MUA: Xia

Assistant: Chee La

Style: msxphotos

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