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Creative | Smoke Bomb

March's creative shoot was Smoke Bombs with Claire! This one was a super fun one!

Since this was the first time I was working with smoke bombs, I did some research before ordering them. I wanted ones that would be cool to the touch and could be hand held. Something that could be easily lit and wouldn't be too dangerous, set a forest fire...or somehow explode. I went with Enola Gaye smoke grenades for their awesome reviews and the wire pull tab to light. We weren't sure how well it was going to work or even how to run with them-- but it turned out wonderful!

I cannot say enough great things about working with Claire. First of all, it still amazes me that people are allowing me to photograph them when it's freezing out. Claire did such an amazing job as the model. She was full of energy, enthusiasm and laughter. She was absolutely stunning and held her composure the entire time.

Xia got double duty this time. I'm always so impressed with all the creativity and laughter she brings each session. I love my little team! She did such an amazing job on the hair and makeup and then was also the smoke grenade master. All those twirls you see, yep -- Xia had plenty of running to do. Quick tip: make sure that the location you pick out is not windy! The smoke becomes a lot harder to see and work with, when it's windy. As always, Chee La was an awesome assistant and was there for every step of the way.

Leave me a comment if you enjoyed this series. I hope you look forward to my next creative session! With the weather warming up, I have plenty of ideas that I would love to do this year.


Mai See

Model: Claire Aither

HMUA & Smoke Master: Xia 

Assistant: Chee La 

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