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Hanny & Dan | Sun, Sand, and Love | Kohler-Andrae State Park, Sheboygan

OMG you guys! Just look at these! Can we even call this working anymore? Hanny & Dan are the perfect couple. Funny and silly and dressed to impress. I love flowy dresses and Hanny's outfit was perfect for a beachy themed engagement. Dan also looked amazing in blue, one of my favorite colors. I make Chee La wear blue ALOT if you guys haven't noticed.

It was such a great day to be out at the beach. People were out and about and enjoying the sun and we did as well. The breeze from the lake felt amazing and really added an airiness to these photos. You can just about feel it when you look at them. Hanny & Dan are so fun to hang out with. We loved how they joke and laughed, all the while being in love and perfecting their model faces. September cannot come fast enough!


Mai See & Chee La

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