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Joanna & Micah | Always Perfect | Point Beach State Forest, Two Rivers, WI

Joanna and Micah were all ready for a beautiful sunrise engagement session and so was Chee La and I. But sometimes it rains and sometimes it pours. This just happened to be one of the those times where it poured. So while we did not get a sunrise we got so much more!

It was still dark out when we arrived. The rain was just starting to come down when Chee La set up our lights. Within the first few shots I already knew this session was going to be amazing! We got soaked, they got soaked, our camera gear got soaked but we didn't even care because we had so much fun running around with them. We absolutely adore couples that love dressing up, going on adventures, and aren't afraid to get a "little" wet. Joanna and Micah answered our prayers because well... look at them! Aren't they the cutest thing ever? Not even the rain could dampen their spirits. Let this be a life lesson for everyone. As in life and in love, sometimes things don't always turn out exactly as you'd pictured but if you look at it with the right perspective, it's always perfect.

Joanna & Micah, we are so excited to celebrate with you guys this October!


Mai See & Chee La

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