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Joanna & Micah | Enchanted | Garden Valley Gatherings, Alma Center, WI

When we first met Joanna & Micah for their engagement shoot earlier this year, we immediately knew we were going love them. The day was rainy and passionate. They gushed with love and enthusiasm. We weren't sure if anything could top that, but WOW! They blew us away with their wedding. Every single detail and every part of the wedding was so intimate and well thought out. Everywhere we looked was an opportunity for a gorgeous photo. Needless to say, our trigger fingers tired out by the end of the night.

The morning consisted of bridal hair and makeup for Joanna and Micah getting suited up to look his best. There were so many sweet moments shared between the two of them. Joanna had Micah come into the makeup room. He was blindfolded so he wouldn't see her before their first look and she styled his hair. How cute is that that?! After a quick and cheerful first look, everyone reconvened at the ceremony site which took place in an enchanting forest, speckled with trees reaching for the skies and sun light peeking through the branches. It was simply breathtaking. You know what else was breathtaking? Their vows. They expressed such deep love for each other and for God. Each word held back tears of joy as they exchanged soft smiles.

The Mr. and Mrs. then headed back to enjoy the night with family and friends. We were surprised by the throngs of music coming from the barn as family members played a symphony for all guests to enjoy. After a stunning first dance, we lined up for an amazing display of sparklers as the newlyweds dashed through. I've said it before and I'll say it again: we LOVE sparklers exits! The dash was cut short when they encountered their first trial as husband and wife... trouble had pursued them in the form of shenanigans. A certain someone or someones rendered Micah's getaway truck undrivable. He took it with a smile though and, with a little help from the crowd, was able to start the truck. Nothing could change his smile that day, even if the unwritten rule of "never mess with a man's car" had been broken. He really was a great sport. I can't say Chee La would react the same if that was his Celica. Haha! Finally, they rode off happily ever after into the sunset.. but of course, not before we took dozens and dozens of amazing countryside sunset portraits of these two beautiful souls.

Joanna & Micah, you two are truly meant to be with one another.

And we wish the best as you start this journey together.


Mai See & Chee La


Couldn't have done it without -- Venue: Garden Valley Gatherings | Photographer: msxphotos | Videographer: Colton Newman Studios | Hair & Make-up: Cassandra Graham(brides hair) Beth Knutson (bridesmaids hair) Live LASH Love LLC | Bride's Shoes: Ariat | Engagement Ring: Rogers & Hollands Jewelers | Wedding bands: Tennies Jewelry Fox Valley | Florist: Bethany Kumar, Joanna Kamps/Graham | Groom's suit and shoes: Charlotte's Bridal and Formal Wear | Bridesmaids: ColorsBridesmaid | Groomsmen: Charlotte’s Bridal | Cake/Dessert: Pattycakes | Catering: Ken and Janet Kamps | Invitations and programs: Shutterfly (invitations) | Officiant: Pastor Randall King | Wedding Coordinator: Kristin Pfaff

View their engagement here: Always Perfect


Ah! My heart!

What an incredible day!

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