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Lor Pre New Year | Oshkosh, WI

November always catches me off guard. It's so busy. In the Hmong calendar, November is seen as the end of the year so there are numerous New Year celebrations and cultural events that must happen within the month. We won't have time to attend the annual new year celebration that is held for the entire Hmong Community in Oshkosh this weekend but we did attend the Lor Pre New Year. This pre new year was held by Chee La's side of the family, The Lors. Fun fact: I kept my last name after Chee La and I got married. The Xiong Pre New Year was happening at the same time in Appleton but we didn't have time to attend both.

We all got dressed at Chee La's parent's home in Oshkosh with my mother-in-law dressing all of us. Chee La finally got a chance to wear the Hmong vest that I brought for him last year! At the event, Chee La's dad was the main performer so we got to hear him sing and entertain everyone. It was a wonderful day with the entire family. Enjoy some of the photos we took from the day!


Mai See

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