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Marisa & Aaron | A Sunkissed Winter Hike | Engagement

Hi Guys! Welcome back.

This is our first journal entry of 2020 and what a way to start. It’s been an interesting winter so far with bouts of warm and cold, snow and sun. We could never tell how it was going to be during a shoot. We shot Marisa and Aaron’s engagement session back in December before the year ended and it was a balmy 30+ degree which is great for a Wisconsin winter.

Marisa and Aaron are so sweet and cute together. They talked and laughed while we snapped away on our cameras. We love our engagement sessions because they are very intimate and private. We get to see our clients interacting with each other and enjoy getting to know them as we photograph them. It was plain to see that Marisa and Aaron are such a great pair. They are constantly smiling and always in great spirits. Best of all, they were willing to be silly and lovey dovey! We really enjoyed our brisk little hike with them. Their cozy sweaters kept them warm throughout the shoot and contrasted nicely against the cool winter landscape. Marisa also told us that she knitted her sweater herself. Is that’s amazing?! We cannot wait for their wedding later this year! It’s going to be magical!


Mai See

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