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Merry Christmas from msxphotos! | Berlin, WI

Merry Christmas! We thought it was fitting to share these photos since we are celebrating Christmas with Chee La's side of the family today! We had so much fun taking these photos. Every year, Chee La and I always look forward to capturing Christmas photos. Sometimes though, we get too busy and we forget about it until last minute...but this year Chee La was on top of things! He planned our whole entire shoot and then told me about his idea. Of course I absolutely loved it. Originally, we had planned to do the setup and photo shoot all in one day but as soon as we started steaming the backdrop we knew it was going to be a two day process. That was evident by us spending the rest of the night smoothing everything out.

It was well worth it though! I absolutely adore all the photos we got and every time I look at them, I'm reminded of how thankful I am that Chee La is a total goof ball. I'm thinking of offering Christmas studio minis next year in October or November. Who else would be interested in that? Let me know and I'll put you on the list for when dates and times are available.


Mai See & Chee La

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