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Model | Lamon | Downtown Oshkosh

Chee La and I met up with Lamon in downtown Oshkosh. I don't normally photograph guys (aside from my best model, Chee La) so this was super fun session to do. I also always avoid shooting in harsh lighting because uneven lighting can very unflattering, but that day, I made an it exception to give myself a challenge in finding the correct light. The silver reflector helped as well.

My fears were easily forgotten as soon as I started shooting. Lamon was really easy to photograph. He was stylish and a natural at modeling. I had a great time finding different angles and just snapping away.

I hope to do more styled sessions in the future. Perhaps even in the comfort of my home because it's getting way too cold for me to be outside! Message me if you've got a cool idea in mind. Let's make it happen!


Mai See

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