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Melissa & Xeng | A Gorge-ous Day to be Out | Grafton, WI

We met up with Melissa & Xengkeng for a stroll through Lion's Den Gorge Nature Preserve. It was a beautiful day to be out. The sun light was warm and the sky clear. It was our first time there and we had so much fun exploring the area with them. Plus, it's always nice to see familiar faces again! If you look back on last year's weddings, you'll see that Melissa was in Jamie & Dao's wedding party. Now it is time for Melissa & Xeng to tie the knot as well. We are so blessed that these sisters entrusted us to capture their special day.

Melissa & Xeng have been together for 12 years and they are a match made in heaven. It was impossible not to capture great shots of them. You can just see how comfortable they are with each other. It also helps that Melissa has the most contagious smile! We walked along the cliffside and took in the view. Then along a slightly forested path down to the stony beach. They didn't skip a beat and were up for anything. Holding, walking, kissing, and all the lovely things. We ended the shoot with the moonlight glistening across the lake before making our way back to the parking lot. Melissa and Xeng, we cannot wait to capture your wedding later on this year!


Mai See & Chee La

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