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MyKala | Mother Nature | Green Lake, WI

It's magical to see a idea come to life even better than you imagined. When MyKala first approached me with the idea of a Mother Nature styled shoot, I knew it was going to be amazing. I love working with others because they can really bring their ideas and expertise to make photoshoots even more creative and fun.

I chose this location in Green Lake for the beautiful greenery it had. I loved the trees and all the tall grass that we got to play around in. MyKala truly become a part of the forest. She's so creative as well and designed all the crowns and the red dress for this fantastical shoot.

Xia (makeup artist) and Mao (Hairwith Mao, hair stylist) really outdid themselves! I can't thank them enough for all the hard work they put into the shoot. It's always such a wonderful time when we collaborate. Chee La was there for every step of the way as well.

Enjoy the photos guys! Let me know if you have cool ideas that you would love to collaborate with me on!

Model: MyKala Rosendale

Hair: Hairwith Mao

Makeup: Xia Xiong


Mai See

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