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Our Life in 52

Two years ago, I documented my first 356 project of our daily life. It was wonderful and I absolutely loved it but I can’t lie….it was tough some days finding inspiration to photograph someone or something. So, last year I decided not to do it ….and halfway through the year, I realized that I missed out on capturing so much of our life (even the lazy days, where we just stayed home and watched tv).

This year, I have decided to start it again but make it easier on myself by committing to a 52-week project instead. I want to encourage everyone to take on the challenge as well! I can tell you from experience that it is worth the time. It really does not matter if it’s a photo taken with a dslr or a cellphone (both of which I use frequently) because what matters is just capturing your life. Looking at past photos, brings me so much joy to see the family, friends and things that made our life so full. Each photo has a story of its own. Some of people I will never get the opportunity to photograph again.

I would love to see your stories. Feel free to share your photo journey with me! You can follow Chee La and my life as well by following this page. Check back weekly to see all the photos I put up!


Mai See

See more photos in Our Life in 52!

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