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This is a bit scary but...I wanted this month to be about growth. As an artist, your vision will change from time to time. Looking back on old photos, I'm thankful that all of that has brought me right here. And while I still love all my photos so much because it represented who I was during that time, I wouldn't have made some of the same editing choices I had done or capture the photo in that particular way. There was a lot of mistakes and growth.

Nowadays, I have a much clearer vision of the photographer I strive to be. While I haven't gotten there yet and I'm still continuously learning, I am so happy with the progress that I've made over the years. On that note, I'm so thankful to all my family and friends that have stuck with me through the years -- especially through my overly saturated time. Hopefully you'll never have to see bright neon grass ever again! I'm especially thankful to Chee La for all his encouragement and willingness to be photographed 987493284634 times over the years.

Take a trip down memory lane with me and my fabulous family and remember -- keep practicing and learning so that you get where you want be.


Mai See

2013 -- The year it all started





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