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Rebecca & Josh | Growing Love | Berlin, WI

Brrr... Was it cold enough for you? What a crazy deep freeze we had this year. We love the snowy months of Wisconsin but boy does it ever get cold. A few days before this shoot, it snowed and snowed and snowed. Let's just say it snowed a lot. Although it was immensely beautiful, it made our go-to photo spots inaccessible. While we could wait until warmer weather thaws and melts the frozen land, Rebecca and Josh would not be able to wait as they're expecting little Reuben any day now and we are just so excited for them to become parents!

We love becoming friends with our clients and having them come back to us to capture all these special moments of their lives. We can't wait to meet the little guy and know that he is going to be showered with love by his parents and their loved ones. Thank you for braving the cold with us! Cheers, Mai See & Chee La

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