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Samantha & Jacob | In the Blink of an Eye | Oshkosh, WI

We are so happy to share this journal post because Jacob and Samantha are two of our favorite people! We have known them for years now and felt so honored when they asked us to capture their 10 year anniversary photos. The first time we met them was at a car meet, a 6GC meet to be exact. Chee La had explained to me that 6GC was an online forum for a group of people all over the world that had an interest in the same car as he did. They communicated on the internet and helped each other with their car builds as a community.

Imagine my surprise when I then asked if he had ever met any of them in person and he replied, “nope, this is the first time seeing all of them.” I was a bit wary of driving 4 hours away to meet up with complete strangers who's only common thread was a love for Celicas but as soon as we got there, we were welcomed with warm hugs and handshakes. All the worries went away and soon we were chatting like old friends with everyone. Who would have known that from this group of random strangers, we would find some of our closest friends and even get to share in their special life moments like this. Watching their love grow deeper and stronger as the years have gone by has been wonderful to witness.

10 years is such a huge milestone so Samantha got refitted into her original wedding dress and Jacob looked the part as well in a nice suit to match. They looked absolutely stunning and the smiles and laughter they share were so genuine and contagious. We loved spending the day with our two friends and photographing two people who we knew are perfect soulmates. Samantha absolutely glowed and Jacob never took his eyes off her and kept her laughing the entire day. The time passed by too quickly and before we knew it the day was over and we hugged and said goodbye until next time.


Mai See

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