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Xia & Bryce | Worth the Wait

This amazing girl needs no introduction, but just in case you didn't hear yet my sister Xia is getting married!!! As an unofficial member of msxphotos, Xia has been privy to all the growth, wins and pitfalls Chee La and I have had over the years. I've taken plenty of photos of Xia during that time so, I mean it when I say that these are seriously my favorite. Just as she has celebrated all our milestones, Chee La and I are so happy that we can give her and Bryce beautiful photos to capture this moment. As soon as her engagement was official, Xia and I were both giddy with excitement in planning their various session themes and locations. We decided on a spring, summer and fall session.

Even through all our talks though, Xia kept her outfits a surprise from me. She knows how much I love dresses and goodness was I ever blown away with every single one of hers! If you're ever in doubt of what to wear for an engagement session, I promise that you will never go wrong with a dress that's long and flowy--at least in my books. It was so nice to just hang out with both Xia and Bryce and then take photos as well. We cannot wait to photograph their wedding next year but before that happens, the real question: should we finish with a winter session? Just kidding Bryce...or not.


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