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Xia | Happy Birthday!

It's this girl's birthday and she truly deserves all the love! I want to introduce you to my sister Xia (think Sia/See-ya)! If you've been following us for a while, you've likely to noticed that Xia is always around in our style shoots and we do a ton of creative shoots together. She's a fantastic makeup artist (she loves colors and sparkles) and is such a fun model to work with. She's been one of msxphotos' biggest supporter right from the beginning of our photography journey and I am just so thankful to have her!

I've taken so many photographs of Xia over the years. Many of which has never been seen before so I wanted to compile them into this journal post and show her the love and recognition she deserves! I'm sure there are still some sessions that I'm missing. She's creative, filled with ideas and is always down to do something fun. Some of our shoots were planned. Some of them were just random whenever she was over but all of them have taught me so much about photography! I think it shows that there are so many ways to capture the same person. It also helps that she's always dressed so well...and made me realize that we do a lot of winter shoots together. She's such a trooper -- she has never once complained.

This year will mark some big changes for her, the first being receiving her Masters of Social Work this May at the University of Madison! Life is about to change in big ways for her and I have a feeling it's going to be her best year yet. I'm so proud of the person she is. I'm always so excited to photograph her and hope that she never moves too far away that I can't photograph her anymore! <3 Happy Birthday, Xia! Sending you so much love.


Mai See

Our most recent photo shoot this past weekend.

Previous photo shoots in no particular order:

There was a time when Xia has dark hair! This was one of my earliest photo shoots and along with it, my editing style.

There was that time we took a walk through the woods. This was one of my first sessions after getting back into photography.

There was that time she laid down in the snow and let me take photos of her. It was freezing.

There was that time I asked her to just stand in front of the flower bush I have in my yard.

There was that time she did a milk bath!

There was that time we just took photos in front of my window.

There was that time she painted her whole face.

There was that time where she transformed herself into a snow queen! Also freezing.

There was that time she got super bloody. She's definitely got great characters.

There was that time she was a flower in a field.

There was that time she looked like a beautiful doe with hearts.

There was that time she became a witch.

There was that one time she had the loveliest pink hair!

There was that time we just took a walk downtown and took photos.

There was that time we just stood at the side of a trail.

There was that time she had silver hair!

There was that time we took photos in my backyard.

There was that time we took some night time portraits outside my house.

There was that time in Minnesota.

There was that time she was just in workout clothes.

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