"Looking back, my life really only has two chapters. My life before you...and my life with you."
— Chee La Lor 
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Mai See
Always has food on her mind. Lives in pretty dresses. Horror movie addict.
Hi you,

It’s us – Mai See and Chee La (My-C and Chi-La). We are a husband and wife photography duo based out of Berlin, WI. If you’re here, that must mean that you want to get to know us better!

First of all, we’re total romantics. We met each other during our first year at university and became college sweethearts (first boyfriend/girlfriend too!). We believe in love – true love. The kind that makes you feel like the luckiest person in the world. The kind that makes your heart swell with happiness. I’m not embarrassed to say that we’re totally sappy and have always had the belief that everyone deserves love.

We love adventures! From hiking in the mountains, to swimming in the ocean, or walking through centuries old building, and eating street food all around the world. Our love for travel and photography began during our first overseas trip to Japan. With a tiny point and shoot camera we fell in love with the beautiful scenery, delicious food and culture, and started our photo journey. Over the years, we have collected many irreplaceable photographs from all over the world and our daily life. We still love traveling and plan to visit more countries in the future!

So what do we do when we’re not taking photos or traveling? While traveling is exciting, we love coming back to our quiet country home every time. You’ll find Chee La outside taking care of the yardwork or in our rustic garage working his on pride and joy Celicas (yes, more than one!). As for me, you’ll find me inside cooking and trying out new recipes. We love just being around each other at home and re-watching our favorite shows.


Why should you pick us to capture your memories?


We truly believe that photos are a treasure that you can keep forever. We would love to be a part of capturing your story. We love laughing and want your session to be a rewarding, fun experience. We will hike anywhere with you to get that perfect shot and we are not afraid to get a little dirty or a lot dirty. If that sounds like you, send us a message. While we service the surrounding areas of Berlin, Oshkosh, Appleton – traveling is one of our favorite things to do and we would love to capture your photos no matter where you are! 


Mai See & Chee La

Chee La
Celica Fanatic. Lover of laughter. Tinkerer. Eternally has a band-aid on.
"Mai see also has an eye for capturing moments. There are so many sentimental pictures I have from the wedding that brings back many memories from our perfect day that I will have forever. They are amazing!"
- Betty Thompson

Traveled overseas for the first time together as English Counselor for Guy Healy Japan. Discover our love for traveling and photography! Japanese Ramen....YUM!!!


Studied abroad in South Korea! Got to explore all of Seoul, Busan and Jeju! Obsessed with Korean food. Ate our weight in delicious bbq.


Purchased our first home out in the county! So much open field to run around and take photos.

Our Timeline

2017 - to present

Chee La and I met for the first time at the University of Wisconsin Oshkosh. We discovered that we shared the same exact birthday!

Officially started dating. 

Backpacked through Italy! Ate so much gelato every single day. Danced under the sparkling stars and got engaged!

Happily ever after!

We are finally married!

Our Life in 52
Our Life in 365

10 Quick Facts About Us

1  We believe in love stories and are truly each other's best friend. Over a decade together, 24/7 and we absolutely would not want it any other way.

2  We are both graphic designers and artists. I do majority of my work on the computer and he does more hands-on illustrations.

3  Our favorite past-time is lazing around the house with each other and re-watching our favorite series: The Office, Scrubs, Full Metal Alchemist: Brotherhood, and Lord of the Rings.

4  He is very sarcastic and loves to joke. He once informed me that we couldn't be together if I didn't have a sense of humor. We love listening to comics and going to shows. Some of our favorite comedians are: Jim Jefferies, Christoper Titus, Bill Burr and George Carlin.

5  We love to travel: visit historical sites, study art and eat. He likes to photograph architecture and objects, while I focus on capturing memories of us.

6  I love to cook and eat. My favorite dishes are khaub piaj (Hmong-style chicken noodle soup — I like mine with pork riblets) and fawn kauv (steamrolls). His favorites are Hmong eggrolls and basil chicken. I also like baking. My favorite baked dessert is the tres leche cake.

7  He loves listening to music and singing. I know all his favorite songs!

8  He loves his Celicas and spending time outside in the garage working on them. I help whenever he needs a pair of tiny hands to get into tight corners to retrieve a screw or bit.

9  I am only 4'9" and appreciate all his help, carrying and grabbing things for me.

10  We prefer tea over coffee.